Diving Packages at Chloe’s Diving Centre

We offer a number of diving packages to suit you. We start with a 1 day package, which includes two dives and is a great chance for you to understand the basics of diving, and spend the day enjoying the sites with our professional dive guides.

We then offer 2, 3, 4 and 5 day packages, which include two dives per day. Our packages are flexible so you don’t need to take the days consecutively, but can spread them over the duration of your visit so you can enjoy your holiday and the beauty of the Red Sea. We’ll take you to different locations on each dive, so you can explore the best dive sites the Red Sea has to offer.

All our packages include

  • Accompanied dive with multilingual instructors and diving guide (English, German, French, Arabic, Russian,
    Czech and Polish).
  • Briefing and De-Briefing in your preferred language.
  • Distribution of divers into beginners and professionals diving groups.
  • Transfer from and to the airport or your hotel (on request, additional charges may apply. Please contact us for information).
  • Diving in very small groups.
  • Rental of diving equipment and diving accessories.
  • Modern equipment room, where there is always a room for your scuba diving equipment.
  • Tea, coffee and drinking water for our guests free of charge in our diving base and on our boat Clean sanitary facilities.

With our diving packages, you can select the right diving package that suits your needs to explore the beauty of the red sea.